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Technological transitions on shifting markets: the emergence of eco-innovation

Invited plenary talk.

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Biosensors, eco-innovation and markets
Ecological disturbance theory for future eco-cities: towards annular cities?
Eco-cities in a globalized future – from Constantinopolis to „Cosmopolis”?
Ecosystem Planning
Complex risks from old urban waste landfills – a sustainability perspective from Iasi, Romania

Landfills continue to represent the most frequent managerial practice for municipal solid wastes and an increasing and complex problem globally. In certain countries, a transition to an open society and free market is superimposed on the transition to sustainability, resulting in even higher complexity of management. This paper proposes an approach for problem-structuring of landfills in complex transitions: sustainability or unsustainability of

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Adapting to climate change: technologies, perceptions, education, and perspectives
We need large-scale experimentation platforms for cross-sector innovation in Europe

Climate change and resource shortages will force us to transform our economy and society. If we do not break out of the old, unsustainable techno-economic paradigm of the 20th century1, a perfect storm2 looms within decades. Experts from virtually all sectors are now talking about the need for innovation to transform whole industries, ensuring industrial leadership and a leap towards “sustainable growth” in Europe. Now is not the time to cut

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Dynamic decision trees for building resilience into future eco-cities

Intensifying global urbanization and environmental changes bring about the imperative of sustainable urban development and decisions upon inescapable pressures and risks, but knowledge integration between disciplines is a limiting contextual challenge. This paper proposes a reformulation, in terms of urban risk management, of an earlier developed ontological scenario generation method. The procedure consists of several steps: (i) identification-and-prioritization

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Start-up competition in Eco-Innovation – University of Versailles – Paris

A competition has been launched, for young entrepreneurs capable to develop new enteprises (start-up) on water-related issues in a French context (Paris region). The winner will be awarded 10 000 + 10 000 Euros for 1 year, and will be co-incubated at ECONOVING, an International Chair in Generating Eco-Innovation at the University of Versailles, and SAUR water company. Location: near one of the campuses of the University of Versailles. Details in

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