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The Role of Monument Protection for Tourism

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Horst Todt, Dan Cristian Dabija

Editorial: Amfiteatrul Economic, Special Issue 2008, X, p.292-297, 2008.


The cultural and natural heritage has received world wide attention during the last two generations. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has accentuated a great number of objects as belonging to heritage of mankind. There are two kinds of objects, cultural and natural heritage. Here only cultural objects are considered. The sphere of interests touched by the two kinds of objects is quite different. The group of people engaged may be overlapping, and some of the arguments in the sequel may hold for both. Nevertheless there are differences with respect to tourism that cannot be worked out here. The cultural objects shall be called “monuments”, though this notion may be somewhat doubtful in some cases such as archaeological sites whole ensembles of buildings or historic gardens. Many people are interested in the conservation of outstanding monuments and traditional quarters. The engagement in these topics increases with the standard of living in a country. Poor nations with most people just fighting for satisfaction of their elementary needs are less inclined to care about cultural inheritance. With increasing purchasing power additional aspects of life style attract attention. The unprecedented increase of real income in the Western World after the Second World War has aroused an equally unprecedented interest into the witnesses of the past. This is a first hint that there is an economic dimension concerning monuments: Cultural sites must have a specific economic value insofar as much money is spent for them. On the one hand public and private means are invested into the maintenance and conservation of monuments on the other hand people spend money in order to visit them. We will discuss both aspects under an economic point of view.

Cuvinte cheie: Monument protection, tourism, heritage