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Redesigning organisational processes – part of the innovative system

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Corabieru P., Velicu S., Corabieru A., Vasilescu D.D., Sohaciu M.

Editorial: WSEAS, WSEAS Press, The 7th WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Education, (EDUCATION '10), 2010.


The article highlights the aspects of organizational process redesign in research innovation activity in educational establishments and research.
Need to redesign is supported by: integration issues in European research programs and exploitation of research results at the level of applied. Organizational process redesign in research innovation activity seeks major improvements on time, cost, quality, methods of implementation and technology transfer. The article highlights the role of competitive analysis in decision making in research and innovation. Competitive analysis are developed in accordance with multidimensional diagnosis. Benchmarking shows the close link between the concept of reengineering and Total Quality Management concept. Performance evaluation of research innovation means to assess efficiency of this activity. In this sense indicators should be indicators of process and no input / output.

Cuvinte cheie: organizational process redesign research innovation activity