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Measurement Settings’ Influence upon Energy Detection of TETRA Signals

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Autori: Mitran R., Bechet P

Editorial: Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volume 10, Number 3, 2010.


The present paper aims to determine the optimum parameters for the detection of downlink TETRA signals, through energy measurement. In order to optimize the detection parameters we have assessed the probabilities of detection and of false alarm, based on the estimated power distributions, measured by the Parzen method. The TETRA signals power has been measured with an experimental system, the data having been processed by MATLAB software. The obtained results could contribute to the improvement of TETRA mobile station algorithms with the aim of base stations broadcasting channels detection and to the improvement of the measurement system settings in order to obtain the coverage maps of the TETRA base stations.

Cuvinte cheie: detectia pe baza de energie, analizor spectral, TETRA // energy detector, spectrum analyzer, TETRA