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Some Aspects Regarding the Measurement of the Adjacent Channel Interference for Frequency Hopping Radio Systems

The paper presents an Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI) measuring method for Frequency Hopping (FH) radio stations using a digital spectral analyzer. The characteristics of the spectral analyzer can influence the measured value; that is why corrections are necessary. The paper proposes a measurement method which is in agreement with the signal statistics offered by the frequency hopping radio station.

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Improving the Accuracy of Exposure Assessment to Stochastic-like Radiofrequency Signals

Assessment of human exposure to RF signals which are rapidly variable in time and wide-banded is not yet standardized. Signals in IEEE 802.11 standards are widespread among population use due to presence of wireless local area network in everyday life. Recently, with technological advancement of real-time vector signal analyzers, a more precise exposure evaluation became achievable. However, such instruments are prohibitive and not available for

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Near Field Radiofrequency Metrology and Occupational Exposure Assessment: In situ Measurement and Accuracy Analysis
Computation of radiofrequency field deposition in biological exposed models by an analytical method
Practical issues concerning cellular base station emissions and population exposure in Romania
Near Field Radiofrequency Measurements for Occupational Exposure Assessment by Personal Exposimeter: Possibilities and Limitations
Occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields Assessment of Personnel Serving Military mobile Radio Communication Stations: A Preliminary Study
Optimizing the Positioning of MIMO and SISO Systems in Indoor Environments
Continuous and digital modulated radiofrequency fields propagation in planar biological models
Measuring Adjacent Channel Power for tactical networks