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High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of LiNixCo1-xO2 synthesized by unconventionally methods

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Autori: V. Ciupina, I. Carazeanu, G. Prodan, C. Guguta

Editorial: Microchimica Acta, 147, p.151-155, 2004.


Single phase LiNixCo1–xO2 (x=0.3) with fine particles were prepared by two low-temperature methods: the modified Pechini sol-gel method and the Self-Propagating Combustion Synthesis (SPCS). It was found that bulk quantities of nano-sized particles of layered LiNixCo1–xO2 could be obtained at temperatures below 400°C by these solutions technique. The synthesized products were characterized by structural (XRD) and thermal (DTA-TG) analyses. HRTEM was used to evaluate the purity and the phase composition of LiNixCo1–xO2. Lattice plane images give information about crystal structure and SAED patterns help us to identify the phase. Nano-crystals were obtained with minimum mean diameter about 5nm for both methods.

Cuvinte cheie: LiNixCo1–xO2; lithium-ion batteries; sol-gel; citric acid; SPCS; urea; glycine