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TEM study of CaTiO3 synthesized by sol-gel method

Nanometer-sized calcium titanate (CaTiO3) particles were synthesized by the modified sol-gel method, from Ca(CH3COO)2 and Ti(C4H9O) an ideal cation stoichiometry for CaTiO4 perovskite. EDTA was used like chelating agent. XRD analysis for their crystal structure and TEM for their texture characterized the materials obtained after heating in the range 600-10000C. The TEM photographs reveal nanoparticles in the size range 50-450 nm with a mean diameter

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Investigation of the hydration process in 3CaO.Al2O3 – CaSO4.2H2O-plasticizer – H2O system by X-ray diffraction

The development of the hydration process in 3CaO·Al2O3-CaSO4 · 2H2O-H2O system is studied by X-ray diffraction in the presence of varying contents of new plasticizer admixtures belonging to the lignosulphonates class (calcium lignosuphonate-LSC) and condensates melamine formaldehyde sulfonated class-MSF (VIMC-11). The plasticizer admixtures were added in proportion of 0.1-1% solid substance. The influence of the plasticizer admixtures on the hydration

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Surface phenomena in aqueous inorganic systems with plasticizer content

This paper presents information about the adsorption of some plasticizer admixtures like calcium lignosulphonate, melamine sulphonate formaldehyde and naphthalene sulphonate formaldehyde condensate in cement - water disperse systems, cement having different mineral compositions. It is discussed the electrokinetic potential of related inorganic liant suspensions as well. The experimental determinations showed an important effect of the aluminate and

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Characterisation of ZnAl2O4 nanocrystals prepareded by coprecipitation and reverse micelle techniques

Nanometer-sized zinc aluminate (ZnAl2O4) particles were synthesized by coprecipitation method using NH3 like precipitation agent and the reverse micelle method using like cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), from Zn(NO3)2 and Al(NO3)3 an ideal cation stoichiometry for ZnAl2O4 spinel. XRD analysis for their crystal structure and TEM for their texture characterized the materials obtained after heating at 500 – 800 °C. The TEM

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Transmission electron microscopy study on the formation of Al18B4O33 whiskers

The aim of this paper is to report the results of a systematic high-resolution transmission electron microscopy study on Al18B4O33. The fluxing agent method permits the formation of needle-shaped whiskers of Al18B4O33, having sub-micron thickness with a tendency to come and fuse together. Amounts of 25% and 50% K2SO4, K2CO3 or KCl were used liked fluxing agents. Using this method, the optimum temperature for the synthesised compound was found to

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High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of LiNixCo1-xO2 synthesized by unconventionally methods

Single phase LiNixCo1–xO2 (x=0.3) with fine particles were prepared by two low-temperature methods: the modified Pechini sol-gel method and the Self-Propagating Combustion Synthesis (SPCS). It was found that bulk quantities of nano-sized particles of layered LiNixCo1–xO2 could be obtained at temperatures below 400°C by these solutions technique. The synthesized products were characterized by structural (XRD) and thermal (DTA-TG) analyses. HRTEM

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ICP – MS utilization for some trace elements determination in marine samples

Original results concerning Ag, Co, Cr and Ni determination in marine biotope (sediment and water) and biocenosis (algae, crustaceans and fish) collected in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 from the Romanian Black seacoast ecosystem are presented. The solid samples have been carefully prepared (washed, dried) and subjected to dissolution with nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide in a Digesdahl device. Metal concentrations have been measured by atomic emission

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Low temperature chemical synthesis of La(Co1-xFex)O3 (x=0.6)
Sol-gel preparation and characterization of perovskite lanthanum lithium titanate

Lanthanum lithium titanate, belonging to the solid solution La0.66Li0.33TiO3, was prepared by sol-gel method from LiNO3, La(NO3)3·6H2O and Ti(OC4H9)4 in ideal cation stoichiometry for La0.66Li0.33TiO3. The synthesized product was characterized by X-ray powder diffractometry (XRD) and thermal analyses (DTA-TG). Electron microscopy investigations (SEM and TEM) was used to evaluate the morphology of synthesized La0.66Li0.33TiO3. The bulk quantities

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HRTEM study of nano-TiO2 powder

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been one of the most attractive photo electrochemical and photovoltaic material during the last decades due to its scientific and technological importance. The TiO2 powder was synthesized by thermal hydrolysis of TiCl4. The crystalline structures and morphologies of the powder have been characterized by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The crystals dimensions varied

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