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An approach for deciphering molecular patterns involved in genistein effects in human prostate

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Autori: Laslo, R.; Klocker, H.; Rowland, I.; Hancok, R. L.; Pardini, R. S.; Baba, A. I

Editorial: FEBS JOURNAL, 273, p.56-57, 2006.


Introduction: To better understand the precise molecular mechanism(s) by which genistein exerts its effects on PC3 prostate cancer cells, we utilized a cDNA microarray to interrogate the mRNA levels of 4486 genes and to determine the gene expression profiles of PC3 (androgen independent AR-) prostate cancer cells treated with genistein.
Methods: cDNA microarrays was developed to investigate the relative expression of the corresponding mRNA in PC3 treated with therapeutically doses of genistein compared with untreated PC-3 prostate cancer cells. For generating fluorescently labeled cDNA probes to be used in microarray screening we used the SuperScriptTM Indirect cDNA Labeling System (InvitrogenTM). The image analysis was performed using a GenePix Pro 41121 and ImaGene. Data analysis was performed by GeneSight and SAM. We involved in silico prediction of wildtype function and variant promoter sequences through assessment of hormone receptor elements and transcription factor binding sites and prediction of likely splice variants through genomic, splicing and EST databases, and multiple sequence alignment packages.
Results: Through differentially gene expression analysis we identified more than one hundred genes that were up-regulated in the PC-3. Investigation of these genes could help us to disclose the molecular mechanism(s) underlying the death of prostate cancer cells treated with genistein. In this study we proposed a novel bioinformatic approach to predict the regulatory gene networks based artificial neural network.
Conclusions: In our studies Genistein suppress prostate cancer cells proliferation related with the induction of cell cycle arrest in phase G1 and G2 and/or apoptosis, Akt signaling pathways

Cuvinte cheie: prostate cancer, genistein, molecular patterns