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Domenii publicaţii > Biologie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Cojocaru Manole1,2, Cojocaru Inimioara Mihaela3, Marinescu Lucia4, Silosi Isabela5,

Editorial: CONEXIUNI MEDICALE, NUMĂRUL 1 (21)  MARTIE 2011, p.61-66, 2011.


Background: During the last decade, anticyclic citrullinated peptides (anti-CCP) have been proposed as an important tool for early arthritis
Objectives: To determine the diagnostic
value, specificity and sensitivity of anti-CCP3 as a new test for RA, the prevalence of anti-CCP3 IgG in early rheumatoid arthritis patients (<1 year) and to investigate their correlation with disease activity. Materials and methods: Ninety patients (mean of age 36.4±12.7 years, mean of arthritis duration 5.3±4.5 months) and 100 healthy controls (mean of age 35.8±11.2 years) were included. Serum antibodies directed to cyclic citrullinated peptide were tested using anti-CCP3 IgG ELISA kit, carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The recommended cut-off value was 5 U/mL. Statistics: cut-off values of anti-CCP3 IgG were defined by ROC curves, U-Mann-Whitney U,Fisher exact test and logistic regression. Results: Anti-CCP3 IgG were found in 66% of the patients vs. 1% of healthy controls (p<0.001). Sensitivity and specificity were 69% and 99% for anti-CCP3 IgG. The mean number of ACR RA criteria was higher in anti-CCP3 IgG (+) vs. anti-CCP3 IgG (-). However, patients with the antibodies were more severely affected and the prevalence of antibodies increased over time and was highest in the year before symptoms appeared. Conclusion: Anti-CCP3 IgG are valuable tools for early RA diagnosis. Besides, they may identify a subset of patients with more active disease. Patients with anti-CCP3 IgG seem to have a more defined RA. Their high specificity, the ability to diagnose RA early in its development make the anti-CCP3 IgG a key serologic marker in the future.

Cuvinte cheie: anticorpii antipeptide ciclice citrulinate, ELISA, sensibilitatea şi specificitatea testului, poliartrita reumatoidă la debut // anti-cyclic citrullinated peptides antibodies, ELISA, sensitivity and specificity, early rheumatoid arthritis