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Epidemiological studies highlighting the relationship between environmental pollution with nitrogenous compounds and health of children.

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Autori: Marieta Vasilov, Gabriela Mancaş, Gabriela Albu, Carmen Hura, Maria Brãdãţan

Editorial: ISSN: 1582-5388, THE JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, 10 (2), p.12-22, 2002.


The authors present a synthesis of nine epidemiological studies performed in the
interval 1988-2000 in areas with a long term-exposure to nitrogenous compounds, pollutants
of environment (drinking water and food products). 1488 children (0-3 years) from five
districts in eastern Romania were investigated for chronic effects. The selection of study areas
has been made based on the incidence rate of infant methemoglobinemia in those districts. The
chronic health effects were emphasized by some bioindicators of exposure and effect. The
causal relationship has been proved especially by a higher frequency of cases with
pathological methemoglobin levels in the exposed children (61.9%) in comparison with those
unexposed ones (23.7%). The results were used as criteria for ranking the areas at risk in the
East of Romania and also for risk communication..

Cuvinte cheie: environmental pollution, nitrogenous compounds, epidemiological studies, territories at risk, risk communication