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Ever since humans have become aware that health is inseparably linked to an intact and healthy environment, the control and reduction of pollution have become the focus of worldwide concern. The studies on heavy metals concentrations in human placenta and human milk have been performed, as a continuation of the research conserning heavy metals concentrations in biological and in food samples by atomic absorption spectrophotometry method. The aim

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Epidemiological studies highlighting the relationship between environmental pollution with nitrogenous compounds and health of children.

The authors present a synthesis of nine epidemiological studies performed in the interval 1988-2000 in areas with a long term-exposure to nitrogenous compounds, pollutants of environment (drinking water and food products). 1488 children (0-3 years) from five districts in eastern Romania were investigated for chronic effects. The selection of study areas has been made based on the incidence rate of infant methemoglobinemia in those districts. The

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Iodine deficiency in drinking water and its effects on human health

Par l`investigation à l`aide des mécanismes etiopathologiques – la déficience iodine – IDD (DID) représentent un problème (un souci) de santé publique qui peut être prévenue une fois avec l`iodisation de la sel . Les objectifs de cet article consiste dans compréhension de la prévalence IDD dans les différentes territoires de la Moldavie, en concordance avec les concentrations iodines dans l`eau potable ; 2. la compréhension

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Organochlorine contaminants in hair of adolescents from Iassy, Romania, –

Human hair samples (n = 42) from Iassy county (Eastern Romania) collected in 2002–2003 from adolescents were analyzed for hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) isomers, p,p′-DDT and its metabolites, hexachlorobenzene (HCB), chlordane and metabolites and 5 polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners. Very low levels were found for HCB and oxychlordane (0.8 and 2.5 ng g−1) indicating a low usage of these pesticide formulations in the studied area. In case

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Solid phase disk extraction: an improved method for determination of organochlorine residues in milk –

A simple, rapid, sensitive procedure based on solid-phase disk extraction (SPDE) is described for the isolation and concentration of trace levels of selected organochlorine pesticides from human body fluids (serum, cord blood, milk, follicular and seminal fluid). Similar methodology can be used for each matrix; the only restricting factor is the viscosity of the fluid. After denaturizing proteins with formic acid, an Empore™ C18-bonded silica extraction

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Selected persistent organochlorine pollutants in Romania

Selected persistent organochlorine pollutants, including PCBs, DDT and its metabolites (DDTs) and hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (HCHs) were determined in soil, animal fat and human serum samples from Romania. All methods were rigorously tested and adequate quality control was ensured. Soil samples from Iassy County showed a lower contamination with organochlorines than samples from other Romanian regions. While DDTs concentrations in soil were significantly

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Heavy metals contents in some food from ROMANIA.

Heavy metals toxicity is the result of their interactions with the enzymatic systems from the animal cells or some constituents of cells membranes. The interactions of heavy metals with usual elements from diet (Pb, Cd) have an important role in acute and chronic toxicity. Population can be contaminated with heavy metals by ingestion of contaminated or polluted food or water. The concentration of heavy metals in food products is varied, depending

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Assessement of the heavy metals in the food from Eastern Romania area, 2002 – 2003

Exposure to heavy metals is an important problem of environmental toxicology. Most of these metals are toxic to humans, animals and plants. Anthropogenic activities are the major sources of heavy metals redistribution. Man, being at the top of the food chain, is at great risk of suffering from health hazards associated with toxic metals because of bioaccumulation The aim of this study was the evaluation of the heavy metals contents in the food of

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Assessmet of some heavy metals in hair and urine of children from Iassy area, risk in cancer disease

Human hair can be used effectively for biological monitoring of the highest priority toxic trace metals. The aim of this study was the evaluation of the heavy metals contents in the hair and the urine collected from children (15 –18 years old) living in the Iassy area, from Romania. Trace elements concentrations were analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, using a Carl Zeiss Jena, Model AAS-1N, with flame air-acethylene. In all analysed

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Assessement of some heavy metals in the human body, in the Eastern Romania area. ,