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Aminophosphonic Acids and Derivatives, Antioxidant Activity Ranking

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Autori: N.Onita,E.Sisu,A.X.Lupea,R.Szabo

Editorial: Rev.Chim., 57(10), p.1022-1024, 2006.


Due to the possibility to act as natural amino acid mimetics, alfa-aminophosphonic acids and their derivatives, present a special interest, especially when their structure contains a chiral atom of carbon.There is presented a study of a series of 12 aminophosphonates antioxidant activity, reported to the reference reaction between a free radicals generator-DPPH and a well known antioxidant in the food industry,BHT. The final results shows that the studied aminophosphonates are weaker antioxidants then BHT, but some of them present antioxidant capacity equal with that presented by BHT.

Cuvinte cheie: aminophosphonates,DPPH,BHT,antioxidative activity