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Direct Dyes Derived from 4,4’-Diaminobenzanilide. Synthesis, Physicochemical Properties and Colouristic Evaluation of some Trisazo Direct Dyes

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Autori: G. M. Simu, S. G. Hora, M. E.Grad, E.N.Şişu

Editorial: Rev. Roum. Chim., 50(2), p.113-117, 2005.


The synthesis of some new trisazo direct dyes containing 4,4’diaminobenzanilide as middle component is presented. The coupling components were salicylic acid and two monoazo compounds synthesized by the acid coupling of the diazonium salt of the 5-nitroantranilic acid with 2-amino-5-hydroxy-7-naphtalene sulfonic acid and with 1-amino-8-maphthol-3,5-disulphonic acid.The dyes were analyzed by thin layer chromatography (TLC), alectronic spectra (VIS)and their structure was confirmed by mass spectrometry (FABS).Colouristic and fastness properties of the synthesized dyes were evaluated and compared with those of C.I.Direct Black 91, a dye based on benzidinic congener and wich has a similar structure.

Cuvinte cheie: trisazo direct dye,FABS,4,4'diaminobenzanilide