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High-performance separation techniques hyphenated to mass spectrometry for ganglioside analysis.

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Autori: Sisu E, Flangea C, Serb A, Rizzi A, Zamfir AD.

Editorial: Electrophoresis, 32(13), p.1591-1609, 2011.


Gangliosides, sialic-acid-containing glycosphingolipids are involved in numerous biological processes and play essential roles in severe pathologies, with predilection in those of the central nervous system. Formerly, ganglioside composition and quantity were assessed exclusively by thin-layer chromatographic (TLC), immunochemical, and immunohistochemical methods, which have limited effectiveness being unable to detect minor components in mixtures of high heterogeneity. Increased awareness of the biological importance of gangliosides stimulated the development of analytical methods that are better amenable to complex ganglioside mixtures. More recently, MS in online conjunction with high-performance separation techniques brought a significant progress to the field. This review highlights the state-of-the-art development and application of separation methods online coupled to MS for ganglioside analysis. Most original and successful protocols based on GC-MS, LC-MS, and CE-MS are presented here together with the special instrumental and sample preparation requirements to be met for effective ganglioside separation, detection, and structural identification. Finally, the advantages and downsides of each methodology as well as the perspectives for simplification, standardization, and upgrading are assessed.

Cuvinte cheie: gas chromatography/liquid chromatography/ capillary electrophoresis/mass spectrometry/ gangliosides/structural analysis