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Biochemical studies on some metals present in urolithiasis. l.Determination of the main alkaline and alkaline earth metals.

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Autori: . Z.Garban, P.Dragan, G. Nemes, G. Daranyi, Gr. Sigartau, E. Sisu, C. Muresan

Editorial: Rev. Roum.Biochim., 24(3), p.221-227, 1987.


The biochemical role of metals in urolithogenesis is explained by their participation in the processes of coprecipitation, as a consequence of perturbations in metabolism and urodynamics. Under the conditions of a metastable medium, represented by renal excretion, alkaline and alkaline-earth metals (with predilection) participate in the mechanism of heterogeneous nucleation were organic and inorganic metabolites eliminated by kidney.
Our investigations were made upon some surgically removed and spontaneously eliminated calculi, using spectroscopic methods. The application of the analytical methods (IR and AAS) and the use of the computer system permitted the obtainment of some accurateness and expeditiousness biochemical data with actual utility in the therapy and metaphylaxis of urolithiasis.

Cuvinte cheie: IR , AAS,alkaline,alkaline-earth metals,kidney,computer system