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Coloranţi direcţi derivaţi ai 4,4 ‘diaminobenzanilidei. I Sinteza şi studiul izotermelor de adsorbţie pe bumbac ale unui colorant disazoic direct cu structurã asimetricã.

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Autori: G.M.Simu,S.L.Funar-Timofei, S.G. Hora, W. E. Schmidt, L. Kurunczi, E. Sisu, N. Morin

Editorial: Rev.Chim., 53(12), p.826-829, 2002.


This paper presents the synthesis of an asymmetric dysazoic direct dye containing 4,4′-Diaminobenzanilide as middle component and salicylic acid respectively 2-benzoylamino-5-hidroxy-7-naphtalene sulfonic acid as coupling components. The dye was characterized by thin layer chromatography (TLC), electronic spectra (VIS) and Mass spectroscopy (FABS). Coloristic and fastness properties were determined too. Using this dye, a comparative study of its experimental sorption isotherms on cotton was performed at three different temperatures. The experimental data were fitted to the known standard Nernst, Freundlich respectively Langmuir isotherms types. The statistical results indicated that the Langmuir isotherms describes better the adsorption of the studied dye in comparison to the other ones.

Cuvinte cheie: Direct dyes,4,4'-diaminobenzanilide,adsorption isotherms