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Domenii publicaţii > Biologie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Cojocaru Manole1,3, Cojocaru Inimioara Mihaela2, Marinescu Lucia3, Silosi Isabela4, Ghinescu Minerva5

Editorial: MEDICAL CONNECTIONS, NUMBER 2 (22), p.9-16, 2011.


Background: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic disease of unknown etiology, manifested primarily by inflammation of the peripheral
joints. The pathogenic mechanisms responsible for the onset and maintenance of the joint inflammation in RA still make it object of investigations. We will discuss some of the aspects of the involvement of magnesium (Mg) in the pathologic processes of RA.
Objectives: To estimate the blood levels of Mg in a group of patients suffering from RA stage I-II before treatment and their correlation
with disease activity.
Materials and methods: The study was
carried out before therapy, in a group of 41 patients with RA stage I-II ranging in age between 28-65 years. The serum values of Mg were estimated in a group of 24 normal controls
of the same age range and presenting no signs of rheumatic disease. The serum Mg levels were measured colorimetrically on a Hitachi 917
autoanalyzer. Data were reported as means±SD. Student’s t-test and Fisher’s exact test and linear
regression models were used. Results are presented as means with 95% confidence limits.
Results: In patients with RA stage I-II, before treatment, the decrease of serum Mg levels were significant (ranges from 1.08-1.82 mEq/L, mean
value 1.58±0.11 mEq/L vs. normal controls’ranges from 1.42-1.98 mEq/L, mean value 1.69±0.14 mEq/L; p value <0.01). The values of serum Mg found correlated with the severity of the disease. This was mainly due to the extinction of the inflammatory process. Conclusion: The decrease of serum levels Mg in patients with RA seems interesting since it might have some implications in the alteration of the subjacent bone structure of joint inflammation. This is a trial to assess the Mg status in RA patients; knowledge that may help better understanding of other markers relevant to the disease or to investigate possible alternative treatment regimens.

Cuvinte cheie: poliartrita reumatoidă înaintede tratament, magneziul în ser // rheumatoid arthritis before treatment, serum magnesium