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Cellulose Allomorphs: Structure, Accessibility and Reactivity

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Autori: Ciolacu, Diana; Popa I. Valentin

Editorial: Ciolacu, Diana; Popa I. Valentin, Nova Science Publishers , Cellulose Allomorphs: Structure, Accessibility and Reactivity, 2010.


It is well known that cellulose is a very important and fascinating biopolymer, and an almost inexhaustible and renewable raw material. The trend towards these kind of resources and the tailoring of innovative products for science, medicine, and technology has led to a global renaissance of interdisciplinary cellulose research and the increased use of this abundant organic polymer over the last decade.
This new book presents fundamental and practical applications in the field of allomorphs of cellulose. It performs both a systematization of the no elucidated elements in classical representations and the current hypotheses of the supramolecular organization of cellulose allomorphs.

Cuvinte cheie: Cellulose Allomorphs, Alkali Cellulose, Amorphous Cellulose, Accessibility of Cellulose, Reactivity of Cellulose