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An extended anchored linkage map and virtual mapping for the American mink genome based on homology to human and dog

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Autori: Anistoroaei R., Ansari S., Farid A., Benkel B., Karlskov-Mortensen P. and Christensen K.

Editorial: Genomics , 94(3), p.204-210, 2009.


In this report we present an extended linkage map of the American mink (Neovison vison) consisting of 157 microsatellite markers and comprising at least one linkage group for each of the autosomes. Each linkage group has been assigned to a chromosome and oriented by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and/or by means of human/dog/mink comparative homology. The average interval between markers is 8.5 cM and the linkage groups collectively span 1340 cM. In addition, 217 and 275 mink microsatellites have been placed on human and dog genomes, respectively. In conjunction with the existing comparative human/dog/mink data, these assignments represent useful virtual maps for the American mink genome. Comparison of the current human/dog assembled sequential map with the existing Zoo-FISH-based human/dog/mink maps helped to refine the human/dog/mink comparative map. Furthermore, comparison of the human and dog genome assemblies revealed a number of large synteny blocks, some of which are corroborated by data from the mink linkage map.

Cuvinte cheie: American mink, linkage map