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The first linkage map of the American mink (Mustela vison)

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Autori: Anistoroaei R., Menzorov A., Serov O., Farid A. and Christensen K

Editorial: Animal Genetics , 38(4), p.384-388, 2007.


Described herein, the first microsatellite linkage map for the American mink consists of 85 microsatellite markers resolved into 17 linkage groups. The map was constructed using 92 F1 progeny from five sire families created by crossing mink with different colour types. The linkage groups ranged from 0 to 137 cM. These linkage groups were assigned to 12 of the 14 mink autosomes using a somatic cell hybrid panel. The total map covered 690 sex-averaged Kosambi units with an average marker spacing of 8 cM. This map will facilitate further genetic mapping of monogenic characters and QTL.

Cuvinte cheie: first linkage map, American mink