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Nonlinear Problems in Economic Development

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Autori: Laura Ungureanu, Viorel Matei

Editorial: Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, vol.II, issue 1(2) , p.5-11, 2007.


Now, we attend to the beginning of a process of synthesis among the developmental economic theories and the new theory to the complexity.
Mathematics, the science of spatial forms and quantitative relations, is considered to be the basis of all other sciences. In the analyses dynamics macroeconomic area we can observe a big variety of method and techniques for research fluctuates from economy and financial date. Because a lot of economical models were elaborated in last years, in this article we propose to present some nonlinear techniques which can be used in economic analyses. For example, a complex way for evidence the economic cycles is to determine limits cycles for the dynamical system which model the economic phenomenon.

Cuvinte cheie: complexity, nonlinear theory, economic evolution, equilibrium