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Call for Papers – Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala: APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY IN SOCIAL PRACTICE

The Revista de Cercetare si Interventie Sociala invites original paper submissions for the issue on „Appreciative Inquiry in Social Practice” to bring together papers exploring:
1. Organizational Transformation through the Appreciative Inquiry;
2. Appreciative Inquiry in Community Development;
3.Changing individual and group interventions in social, educational and medical fields by applying Appreciative Inquiry;
4. Theoretical analysis, reviews and scholarly comments on philosophical and epistemological Appreciative Inquiry background

All submissions will be peer reviewed. For guidelines on manuscript preparation and submission, please visit the journal website Please address any inquiries to Stefan Cojocaru at
Important Dates:
Deadline for submitting articles: May 20, 2012
About the Journal
The REVISTA DE CERCETARE SI INTERVENTIE SOCIALA publishes original papers about the theory, methods, and research, practice and conferences presentations about the research in social field. The general goal of RCIS is to present the best work in and about contemporary society and the phenomenon, in order to improve the knowledge base and practice of its readers. Because the field of social reality is diverse, with different intellectual traditions, approaches to practice, research methods and domains of application, the papers published in RCIS will reflect this diversity. REVISTA DE CERCETARE SI INTERVENTIE SOCIALA (ISSN: 1583-3410) is indexed by ISI Thomson in Social Sciences Citation Index (with 0,789 Impactor Factor for 2010).
For more information you may contact:
Stefan Cojocaru
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
Department of Sociology and Social Work