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Experimental Researches on the Corrosion Behavior and Microstructural Aspects of Heat Treated Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys

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Autori: Maria-Cristiana ENESCU, Ileana-Nicoleta POPESCU, Raluca ZAMFIR, Alina MOLAGIC, Vasile Bratu

Editorial: , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT, Issue 4, Volume 4, p.122-130, 2010.


The material for experiments was an aluminum alloys series 7xxx obtained by thermo-mechanical processing. We studied
the influence of different artificial aging parameters on mechanical characteristic and corrosion of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-alloy. The Al alloys was solution treated at 475 +/- 5 oC for 60 minutes, quenched in water 40-60oC and artificial aging at 120, 150, 180, 210oC at different time of aging (60, respectively 300, 540, 720 minutes).
After heat treatment the obtained alloys were corroded in solution of 53g NaCl + 1000 ml distilled water and boiled in these solutions for 24 hours. After corrosion test, samples were prepared for optical microstructural analyzing and mechanical tested. We observed that the best corrosion behavior has the sample aged at 180oC /12 hours, when coalescence occurs and the weakest corrosion behavior has the
sample aged at 180oC /1 hour (better behavior in comparison with the sample aged at 210oC). At 150oC the maximum hardness is higher, while the decreases of hardness in time are lower and
corrosion behavior is better for all samples.

Cuvinte cheie: 7xxx aluminum alloys, Artificial ageing, Microstructure analysis, General corrosion