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Processing by P/M Route and Characterization of New Ecological Aluminum Matrix Composites (AMC)

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Autori: Ileana Nicoleta Popescu, Simona Zamfir, Violeta Florina Anghelina, and Carmen Otilia Rusanescu

Editorial: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICS, Issue 3, Volume 4, p.43-52, 2010.


The continuous development of technology in automotive manufacturing process has required new solutions adapted to the growing requirements of lightweight, non-pollution for the environment materials with a low cost production. According with these required characteristics of materials, the aims of this paper were to manufacturing Al-Cu/SiCp composites by powder metallurgy (P/M) processing route and characterization of the powders and compacted/sintered mixture powders. Was developed a complex
experimental program consisted in variation of silicon carbide proportion (5-20%wt.) in the composites and also was established the effect of proportion of SiC′s addition on: a) characteristics of powders mixtures Al-Cu/ SiCp; b) press densification of materials at different applied pressure (50-450 MPa); c) the porosity evolution
(sintering densification) respectively dimensional variation, the homogeneity and hardness of sintered materials, in the solid state (at 520-548oC) and in the liquid phase (548-620oC). To characterize powders, mixtures of powders and obtained composite materials
from physic-mechanical, chemical and technological point of view were used for investigation, classical and also modern techniques, such as: Environmental Scanning Electron microscopy, Electron Probe Micro analyzer and X-ray diffraction. Hardness was correlated with physical and microstructural characteristics, thereby determining the sintering temperature and optimum proportion of carbide particles that assure the best densification of materials and the best mechanical characteristics. After investigations was resulted that the best characteristics of composite materials was obtained at a proportion of 10 and 15% wt. SiCp, cold pressed at 450 MPa, dewaxed / presintered between 300 and 400oC, for 30 min (maintenance temperature/ time) and sintered at 20oC/60 min in protective atmosphere.
Keywords– Characterization of powders, Densification, Ecological AMC obtained by P/M, Electron Probe Micro Analyzer,
X-ray diffraction.

Cuvinte cheie: Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Materials and Smart Structures, Biomechanics and Biomaterials, Surface Engineering, Plasticity, Fracture, and Damage Mechanics, etc.