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Experimental research and modelling of compaction behaviour of Al based composite with SiC particles

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Autori: Constantin GHITA, Ileana Nicoleta POPESCU

Editorial: COMPUTATIONAL MATERIAL SCIENCE, Vol. 64, p. 136-140, 2012.


The aim of the present paper were to determine compressibility behavior of post-compacts depending on compaction pressure and the silicon carbide content in the Al-Cu matrix powder mixtures. Determination of Al- 4wt.% Cu with 5-20 wt.% SiC powder mixtures’ compressibility was performed in a double action hardened steel die at pressures between 50-450 MPa. For understanding of compaction behavior of Aluminum based composites reinforced with silicon carbide particles (SiCp) under various applied pressure conditions, experimental research has been made using several powder compaction equations. Thus were established which one of these compaction equations best describes densification mechanism of Al-Cu -carbide powders, for prediction of optimal pressure applied and to obtain the best densifications of all powder mixtures. In order to observe the influence of amount of SiCp on compaction behavior of material we correlated the physical characteristics of the green compact (relative density) with their microstructural analysis using the Electron Probe Micro Analyzer JXA-5A JEOL.

Cuvinte cheie: Al-Cu/SiCp Composites, Compressibility, Modelling of powder compaction, Electron Probe X Ray Microanalyzer