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Analysis of snow avalanche potential in Balea glacial area – Fagaras massif (Southern Carpathians – Romanian Carpathians)

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Autori: Voiculescu, Mircea; Ardelean, Florina; Onaca, Alexandru; Torok-Oance, Marcel

Editorial: Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie, Volume: 55 Issue: 3, p.291-316, 2011.


Based on a case study, this paper aims to be the first attempt, in the Romanian geography, to analyze the snow avalanche potential in one of the most representative glacial areas from the Fagaras Massif (Southern Carpathians – Romanian Carpathians), respectively Balea glacial area, located on the northern slope of the Fagaras massif, in the central glacial sector. Although this area is subject to a permanent snow avalanche activity and a potential risk of snow avalanches, it also benefits from significant winter tourist activities. For completing our analysis, we took into consideration the terrain factors and, using the GIS Software, we drew up the appropriate maps underlying the elevation, the slope and the aspect. Based on the topographic map, satellite images, our observations and the information from the members of Balea Lake Nivometeorology Programme and from the members of Mountain Rescuers, we have identified 29 snow avalanche paths with different locations: 21 on the eastern slope, 5 on the western slope and 3 in the glacial cirque. Using the climatic variables we managed to characterize and define the winter regime of snow avalanches. We also managed to set forth an altitudinal and morphological classification of the snow avalanche paths and to identify the most frequent snow avalanches.
In this context, our study can represent the basis for future studies in the Fagaras massif or in the Romanian Carpathians related to the zoning of the snow avalanches and to the hazard and risk management of the snow avalanches.

Cuvinte cheie: snow avalanche potential; Balea glacial area; Fagaras massif; Southern Carpathians