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Using geospatial technologies to elaborate the digital geomorphological map of Romania 1:200.000 scale

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Autori: Moise, Cristian; Badea, Alexandru; Torok-Oance, Marcel; et al.

Editorial: 16th International Conference the Knowledge-Based Organization: Applied Technical Sciences and Advanced Military Technologies, Conference Proceedings, 3, p.435-440 , 2010.


Presently, the development of GIS together with the analysis of the digital terrain model (DTM) and the satellite imagery makes possible the improvement and the up-dating of the geomorphological maps content. A geomorphological map synthesizes the way the relief forms, the way surface or sub-surface deposits are distributed, as well as the processes that affect relief. This paper aims to reveal the practical importance and the necessity of the digital geomorphological maps, maps that are essential in the field of environment and biodiversity protection and preservation, in drawing up the risk maps, impact studies, security etc., and to present the steps in creating this digital geomorphological map. As support for creating it we used the general geomorphological map at scale 1:200.000 achieved between 1977 and 1990 by the Geography Institute of the Romanian Academy. Also, based on different DTMs, a series of algorithms interactively validate the map symbols’ position, dimension and shape.

Cuvinte cheie: geomorphology; DTM; GIS; remote sensing