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On the age of the Dej Tuff, Transylvanian Basin (Romania)

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Autori: Szakács, A., Pécskay, Z., Silye, L., Balogh, K., Vlad, D., Fülöp, A.

Editorial: Geologica Carpathica, 63(2), p.139-148, 2012.


The Dej Tuff is an important stratigraphic marker in the Transylvanian Basin. However, its Early Badenian age is known only on biostratigraphical grounds so far. A number of radiometric dating techniques including K-Ar, Ar-Ar and fission-track have been used in order to constrain more precisely its age, allowing the calibration of the Transylvanian Basin’s evolutionary models. Although individual dating methods could not provide a unique, reliable and accurate radiometric age, comparison and evaluation of multiple methods gives 14.8-15.1 Ma as the most likely formation age of the Dej Tuff.

Cuvinte cheie: Badenian, Transylvanian Basin, radiometric dating, tephrochronology, explosive volcanism, rhyolite tuff