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The migrationist phenomenon in the context of the current economic and financial crisis. Comparative analyses

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Autori: 1. Mariana Nicolae-Bãlan, Carmen Uzlãu

Editorial: Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, Year XIV, Suppliment, Quarterly, published by Institute of Economic Forecasting,, National Institute of Economic Research, Romanian Academy,, 2011.


The crisis of the global financial markets that struck the world economy in the mid 2008 affected the world economy as a whole; nevertheless, it also had a great impact upon the labour force market in the European countries. The migration dropped, differentiated by certain geographic areas. This work proposes an analysis of the migration phenomenon under the economic and financial crisis impact in certain countries of the European Union over the period 2007-2010. Recession in Europe has also determined a drop in remittance flows in 2009. The work presents a short description of the remittance flow evolution in some European countries and some empirical methods for assessing the crisis impact upon remittances. The impact of the crisis upon the migration phenomenon in some Central and Eastern European countries is also analyzed in the paper

Cuvinte cheie: labour force market,remittance flows