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Adressing the human error assessment and management

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Autori: Moraru, R.I, Bǎbut,G.B., Cioca, I.L.

Editorial: ARCHIVES OF MINING SCIENCES, 55 (4), p.873-878 , 2010.


It has been estimated that up to 90% of all workplace accidents have human error as a cause. Placing
emphasis on reducing human error may help reduce the costs induced by undesired events. The risk
assessment and management process has taken nowadays a great importance, representing a compulsory
requirement of the national legislation. Because of the market pressure, norms certifi cations and higher
consumer expectations, companies can’t avoid a substantial assessment of the risks within their processes.
This essay focuses on the consideration of human factors in the risk management process. After defi ning
the contextual effects of human errors, we will shortly introduce the concept of human-machine-systems
and the infl uences a human is exposed to during his working time. Connecting the human characteristics
to the working environment, the last part of the paper consists in a brief presentation of risk control and
management approaches.

Cuvinte cheie: erori umane, aprecierea riscului, management, eveniment // human error, risk, assessment, management, event

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