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Adressing the human error assessment and management

It has been estimated that up to 90% of all workplace accidents have human error as a cause. Placing emphasis on reducing human error may help reduce the costs induced by undesired events. The risk assessment and management process has taken nowadays a great importance, representing a compulsory requirement of the national legislation. Because of the market pressure, norms certifi cations and higher consumer expectations, companies can’t avoid

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Explosion and/or fire risk assessment methodology: A common approach structured for underground coalmine environments

In order to meet statutory requirements concerning the workers health and safety, it is necessary for mine managers within Valea Jiului coal basin in Romania to address the potential for underground fires and explosions and their impact on the workforce and the mine ventilation systems. Highlighting the need for a unified and systematic approach of the specific risks, the authors are developing a general framework for fire/explosion risk assessment

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Current trends and future developments in occupational health and safety risk management

Occupational safety and health (OSH) like all facets of business, needs to be properly managed. A company’s occupational health and safety management system helps ensure effective control of OSH risks and continual improvement in performance. The basic aim is to prevent work-related illness or injury. On the other hand, companies, managers and workforces change. Regulators, unions and contractors change. The change is slow and often difficult to

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