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Some Aspects Regarding the Measurement of the Adjacent Channel Interference for Frequency Hopping Radio Systems

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Autori: Bechet P., Mitran R., Bouleanu I., Bora M.

Editorial: Proceedings of the 10th WSEAS International Conference on COMMUNICATIONS, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, July 10-12, 2006.


The paper presents an Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI) measuring method for Frequency Hopping (FH) radio stations using a digital spectral analyzer. The characteristics of the spectral analyzer can influence the measured value; that is why corrections are necessary. The paper proposes a measurement method which is in agreement with the signal statistics offered by the frequency hopping radio station.

Cuvinte cheie: interferenta canal adiacent, sisteme radio cu salt de frecventa, masurarea spectrului semnalelor // adjacent channel interference, frequency hopping, radio systems, signal spectrum measurements