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Romania‘s Airlines and Airports during Transition with Particular Reference to the West Region

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Autori: Cretan Remus, Turnock David, and Wassing Maarten

Editorial: Peter Jordan, Mitteilungen der Österreichischen geographischen Gesellschaft, Band 151, p.241–276, 2009.


Air transport has been one of the most dynamic branches of the Romanian economy in recent years. After slow progress in the 1990s when there were many years of negative economic growth, the years of relative prosperity in the run-up to EU accession in 2007 have boosted passenger numbers, along with the availability of economy fares linked with the rise of low-cost airlines.
The paper provides first an introduction to Romanian aviation and proceeds with a review of developments for both airlines and airports. Romania has been scoring notable successes with the rise of successful private companies (e.g. Blue Air and Carpatair), while the leading regional airports are fully matching the dynamism of Bucharest in terms of passenger numbers and improved facilities.
However, the performance of the regional airports is uneven due to the inten-sity of competition within ‘multi-airport regions’ which seems likely to intensify in future as new airports come on stream. The paper examines the situation in the Romanian West Region and demonstrates that competition must be seen in a cross-border context there; taking note of facilities in both Hungary and Serbia, where the respective capitals are much closer to the West Region than the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Cuvinte cheie: linii aeriene; aeroporturi; Regiunea de Vest; Romania // airlines; airports; West region: Romania

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