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Impediments to European Union’s Trade: Barriers, Borders and Distances

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Autori: Ovidiu Rujan, Daniela Nedelescu-Ionescu

Editorial: Sesiunea de Comunicari Stiintifice Procese Economice Globale, ASE, Bucuresti, ISBN 978-606-505-099-0, p.poz. 35, 2008.


European Union’s trade should be a major source of economic revenue for any participant country and to lead at their economic growth.
Furthermore, in a global context increasing the trade is supposed to be regarded as being essential to the continuance of globalization as strategy.
Economic world generally agree that trade barriers, borders, as well as distances are detrimental and decrease economic efficiency.
In theory, free trade involves the removal of such obstacles, except perhaps those considered necessary for health or security.
In reality, however, many countries, even those promoting free trade are raising trade barriers or are often applying to unfair practices.
The purpose of this academic approach is to analyze the ways in which the trade barriers, borders and distances are unfavorable decrease economic efficiency.

Cuvinte cheie: borders, distances, free trade, monetary union, non-tariff barriers to trade