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Power of Nontariff Barriers in International Trade

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Autori: Daniela Nedelescu-Ionescu

Editorial: Editura Universității Suceava, Sesiunea Științifică Intrenațională Dimensiunea Economico-Juridica a Integrarii Romaniei in Structurile Europene si Euro-Atlantice, ed. VIII, ISSN 2065-085X, p.p. 530-534, 2008.


While tariffs in goods and services trade have declined during the last decades, nontariff barriers have become increasingly important.
Obviously the nontariff barriers exist in a variety of forms, depending on the types of goods or services involved, the sectors to which the barriers are applied and the economy imposing them.
In theory, free trade involves the removal of such obstacles, except perhaps those considered necessary for health or security. In reality, they are becoming more frequent than anticipated, taking most of the times hidden forms as technical or administrative ones.
Understanding the impact of non-tariff barriers on international trade could be among the important challenges confronting the economic world.
This academic endeavor intends to analyze some of the nontariff measures applied our days in international trade.

Cuvinte cheie: nontariff trade control measures, quantity control measures, technical barriers to trade