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Trade Facilitation under the Doha Round: A Review

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Autori: Daniela Nedelescu-Ionescu

Editorial: Editura ASE, International Scientific Conference Academic Research Preoccupation in the Central and Eastern Europe, Bucuresti, ISBN 978-606-505-163-8, 2009.


The WTO Doha Round of multinational trade negotiations is tagged as the “development round” to underline the fact that progress could be achieved through a better integration of the poor and developing countries into the world economy.
Its agenda focuses to the trade facilitation which is a concept that considers the simplification, improvement and harmonization of trade procedures and associates information flows required to move goods from seller to buyer. Its principle intends is to reduce transaction costs in international trade, by lowering the trade barriers around the world.
Even as trade facilitation as a topic is dogmatic in nature, up to now very modest work has been conducted on how to put into practice trade facilitations programs or give attention to its components and its fundamental benefits.
This review focuses on trade facilitation under the Doha Round, providing a summary of concepts and ideas, a brief history of the Doha Round, the trade facilitation under the Doha Round and its institutions, as well as an overview of trade facilitation proposals and recommendations.

Cuvinte cheie: WTO Doha Round, trade barriers, transaction costs, trade facilitation