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Developments and adjustments of philosophy within the international trade

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Autori: Daniela Nedelescu-Ionescu

Editorial: Metalurgia International, No.3, 2010.


Although international commerce was present within the most part of the human history, his economical social and political significance increased progressively during the last centuries.
The industrialization, the advanced transport methods and the globalization recently, had together a major impact on the international commerce system.
The new challenges addressed to the economy and implicitly to the international commerce, raised more and more problems.
Where to the world is now going and in which direction the international trade will develop under the terms of economical crisis, is a question asked more and more insistently over ourselves lately.
The purpose of this academic approach is to identify the actual trends and challenges addressed to the international commerce, including the European one, same as to exam the presumable direction of future progress.

Cuvinte cheie: international commerce, multilateral treaty, financial crisis, protectionist trends