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Trends and new challenges to international trade: replying to the economic crisis by encouraging the reorganization and renewal

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Autori: Daniela Nedelescu-Ionescu

Editorial: Metalurgia International, Special Issue No. 17, 2009.


The economic crisis of 2008-2009 affected markets all over the world, presenting an unprecedented challenge for the international trade.
Both in advanced and emerging markets, firms began raising significant amounts of debt in recent years, only. When such markets crashed, and firms could no longer pay, managers were forced to adopt innovative policies to cope with the problem.
Strategic renewal, although critical for the sustained success of organizations, has received relatively little attention as distinct from the more general phenomenon of strategic change. Like all strategic issues, strategic renewal presents both opportunities and challenges for organizations.
This paper explores some possible regulatory replys to the crisis, by focusing on the directions indicated by many researcher, aimed to survive the decline and to thrive beyond it.

Cuvinte cheie: international trade, economic crisis, renewal, innovative policies, strategic thinking