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Approaches regarding the specific provisions for credit risk in the context of IFRS application by the romanian banking system.

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Autori: David Delia, Ciprian Costea

Editorial: The Innovation and Sustainable Economic Competitive Advantage – From Regional Development to World economies , p.972-985, 2012.


The expansion of both the international economic relations and the cross-border capital movements demands for the accounting systems to ensure comparable pieces of information among the countries from the world, through summary financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow and equity changes’ statement and explanatory notes). Implementing IFRS within the Romanian banking system has generated real challenges in terms of banking internal procedures which have to adapt to the new requirements. Even though there is a normative document which requires the adoption of IFRS by Romanian banks starting from the 1st of January, 2012 and which has already been issued, prudential and tax regulations on its implementation are still needed. This paper aims to highlight the difference between the Romanian and the IFRS prudential regulations regarding the quantification and the accounting treatment specific to credit risk provisions.

Cuvinte cheie: reglementãri naţionale, IFRS, provizioane specifice de risc de credit, valoare justã, cost amortizat, // national regulations, IFRSs, provisions specific to credit risk, fair value, amortized cost, guarantees