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Challenges and Barriers for Students in Romania.

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte umaniste + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Narcisa Tirban, Laura Rebeca Precup Stiegelbauer, Paula Onofrei, Teodor Patrauta.

Editorial: ICKCS, 42, 2012.


The phenomenon of medical migration refers to medical doctor travelling far and wide in search
of new knowledge and skills, has been practiced for several centuries. Romania, Great Britain, France,
Germany have all attracted international students at different times by their dominance of medical education
and practice. In the 19th century, American physicians travelled to Europe, especially France and Germany,
to pursue medical education. When they returned, the knowledge and skills these physicians brought back to
the United States profoundly changed medicine in America. Since the end of World War II, the United States
has been the preferred destination for medical doctor from all over the world for training in graduate
medicine. However, these recent international physician visitors differed from previous generations in that
they frequently did not return to their native country. Following a framework created by the literature, the
primary purpose of this study was to examine the needs of international students within their academic and
social communities. The implications of these findings are discussed. Recommendations are made for how
higher education institutions can help facilitate these students’ integration into their new communities.

Cuvinte cheie: International Students, Medicine, Education, Challenges, Language Barriers, Culture