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Eco-responsability and volunteerism. A new approch of sustainable development

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Autori: Hristache Diana Andreia, Paicu Claudia Elena, Popescu Silvia Elena, Iacob Ciprian Constantin

Editorial: Supplement of Quality – access to success Journal, Year 12, No. 121/2011, ISSN 1582-2559, Year 12, No. 121/2011, 2011.


The extremely complex issue of the sustainable development requires its approach from the perspective of two major coordinates. We discuss about what we might call the „eco-social responsibility” and the „green” volunteerism. In this context, the very concern of the European Union, in supporting the development of modern human communities, based on the principle of sustainability, seems to be significant. According to this international body, it is required, as urgent, the necessity, the need to involve citizens in solving complex problems, that are brought into the spotlight by the issue of eco-development.
Starting from the fact that 2011 is considered to be the „European Year of Volunteering” (EYV), our research seeks to present the sustainable development, taking into account not only the „green” volunteerism, but also the „corporate volunteering”; the latest one is present in the context of activating the CSR component for organizations. Therefore, the central objective of our study is focused on the need to motivate, yet again, the need to develop environmentally responsible attitude of the Romanian civil society.
„Eco-social responsibility” and „green” volunteerism are not just simply metaphors of what today would like to be the sustained community involvement in the environmental issues and in the development of the modern society, in parameters of „sustainability „.

Cuvinte cheie: eco-social responsibility, volunteerism, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility