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Economy and Environment – Strategic, Integrative and Convergent Approach of the Financial Flows For a Regenerative (Industrial) Economy

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Autori: Piciu Gabriela Cornelia, Manolescu Gheorghe, Balasescu Florin Razvan, Dragoi Catalin, Predescu Iuliana, Dobre Iuliana, Trica Carmen, Clipa Raluca Irina, Paicu Claudia Elena

Editorial: Studii Financiare (Financial Studies), Centrul de Cercetãri Financiare si Monetare "Victor Slãvescu", Institutului Naţional de Cercetãri Economice, Academia Româna, Volum 15 (1) 2011, ISSN 1582-8654, Volum 15 (1) , p.210-241, 2011.


The research aimed to evaluate the concept of resourceseconomy- environment complex network, under the conditions of composite and interactive financing projects for environmental protection, with elements which derive from such notion. Within this context, the paper analyses the topic of interaction and convergence of the processes of integration and globalization of the economic and financial needs, requirements, interests and technologies, building the methodological and conceptual support needed to connect the Romanian activities and sectors to the world movement of the regenerative economy. The paper reveals the complex problem of the resourceseconomy- environment relation, as well as the multidimensional perspective of these elements, with financial resonances both at the level of the economic subjects with polluting behaviours, and at the level of communities, regions, country and cross-border regions

Cuvinte cheie: network project; regenerative economy; sources and mechanisms to finance environmental protection and sustainability