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The Management of Regional Biodiversity – Forest Potential

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Autori: Bran Mariana, Paicu Claudia Elena, Dobre Iuliana

Editorial: Revista de Management Comparat International/Review Of International Comparative Management, Volum 12, (2), 2011, ISSN 1582 - 3458, Volum 12, (2), 2011, p.282-292, 2011.


The considerations on the ability of forest to maintain ecological balance and numerous environmental protection functions, require the exercise of a sensible management, consistent with regional development plans. This is the more necessary as, at this moment, we are situated well below the limit of afforestation, in terms of European woodland.
The management of the forest biodiversity, seen as an economic and
environmental manner, permits, among other things, a sustainable exploitation of the potential through specific actions, scheduled actions of timber production, deadlines of contraction, territorial redistribution of quotas of timber, afforestation measures.

Cuvinte cheie: biodiversity, forest potential, management, durability