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Development of a proper mentality towards organic food in Romania

Domenii publicaţii > Biologie + Tipuri publicaţii > Capitol de carte

Autori: Pop, Nicolae Alexandru; Dabija, Dan-Cristian

Editorial: Thomas Andrew, Nicolae Al. Pop, Constantin Brătianu , Springer Publishing House New York, USA, The Changing Business Landscape of Romania: Lessons for and from Tansition Economies, p.45-60, 2013.


In recent years, consumers, producers as well as retailers have exhibited a growing tendency toward
healthy, highly nutritious, functional, and, obviously, organic foods. Given that many European states have
provided government grants for organic foods, these have become more easily accessible to consumers,
both financially and in terms of the place where they can be procured. A field research conducted through
the observational method reveals that an increasing number of Romanian retailers have included organic
food in their assortment, both under the producer and their own brand. The research as a whole identified
15 different ranges of organic food distributed to hyper- and supermarkets as well as to specialty and
convenience stores. The retail chains carry a wide range of organic items and the customers are sometimes
willing to pay an extra price of 50 up to 100 % higher than that of the conventional products.
Supplemented by a semi-structured applied to various experts of Romanian environmental movements
(academicians, representatives of producers, processors, specialty associations, control and certification
bodies, and authorities empowered to enforce and verify compliance with quality standards, customers),
the observation attempted to determine the degree to which organic products are known and the
implications of their being consumed by the customers. Although some respondents are not fully aware of
how relevant it is to consume mainly organic products, the conducted interviews revealed the respondent’s
increased interest in the issues related to promoting health and a lifestyle in accordance with the principles
of a balanced diet. It is advisable that the conclusions of the present study should be turned to good account
by means of an active marketing policy so that an “organic diet mentality” may be developed among the
Romanian customers.

Cuvinte cheie: Organic foods - Romania agriculture - Agricultural marketing - Consumer behavior - EU and modified foods