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The Management of Environmental Resources and its Regional Implications

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Autori: Paicu Claudia Elena, Hristache Diana Andreia, Nilgun Ismail

Editorial: Acta Universitatis Danubius. Economica, Volumul 9, Nr. 4 (2013), p.45-53, 2013.


The management of environmental resources at regional level is closely related to social,
economic and community’s activities. Community’s activities should be led taking into account the
environmental sustainability. Preserving and improving environment’s quality is one of the main
national objectives in nowadays Romania. Under these circumstances the main purpose of our
research is to highlight the major aspects of this debate. Therefore, the study of social and economic
activities impact on the environment is a major issue that modern society has to face today. As a
consequence there is necessary a well balanced management for the environment resources in
accordance with certain rules and terms, not only at local level, but also at regional and national level.

Cuvinte cheie: regional development; environmental sustainability; environment's quality