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The romanian tourism in the context of sustainable development

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Autori: Paicu Claudia Elena

Editorial: Academicã Brâncuşi, Analele Universitãţii Constantin Brâncuşi din Târgu Jiu, Nr. 2/2013, p.210-214, 2013.


Currently tourism represents one of the basic elements for the sustainable development, considering that it is
properly understood and implemented. To perform an analysis of tourism in this context, we must consider the three
coordinates, interedependente, that influence and equally are influenced by the tourism activity. It is about the
particularly impact that tourism has on living standards in areas with high potential for exploitation of tourism
activities, about the impact and the effects generated in the economy and, not least, we discuss about the effects that
tourism generates on the environment.

Cuvinte cheie: tourism activities, economic impact, quality management, quality of life, environmental quality, communication strategies