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Implicaţiile economice şi comunicaţionale ale turismului din România

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Autori: Paicu Claudia Elena, Hristache Diana Andreia

Editorial: Economie Teoreticã şi Aplicatã, Volumul XX (2013), No. 7(584), p.119-128, 2013.


The tourism in Romania is based on diversity of relief forms, on the natural landscape, on the specific customs and on history and rich tradition, having also an important contribution to the economy. Tourism is considered one of Romania’s economic sectors characterized by dynamism. So it is that the statistical data records
data upon which we can support that tourism in Romania is, despite weaknesses,developing and with a high potential for expansion. In the present paper we propose a comprehensive analysis of tourism, based on statistical data obtained from specialized institutions, at the same time aiming to capture its impact on the economic level.

Cuvinte cheie: tourism; economic implications; communication implications