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Romanian Tourism from a Policy Making Perspective

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Tachiciu, L.; Dinu, V.

Editorial: The 2009 International Conference on Tourism 22-25 April 2009, University of Messina, Italy, pg 12, CD ISBN 978-88-96116-21-0 , 2009.


In modern economies services are dominant. As the role of services is increasing, the difference between goods and
services is vanishing, but most of our economics and business knowledge is developed from a manufacturing
perspective which is no more satisfactory in the new service economy conditions. One important aspect is that the
ability of a country to participate effectively to the growing international trade in services depends more and more on
its attractiveness as a visitors’ destination. Although there is a well developed understanding of the role of tourism to
the general economic and social development, it is less understood the effect of economic and social living conditions
as visitor attractiveness factors.
Reviewing recent studies, assessments and reports regarding the travel & tourism economy of Romania, authors found
out that achieving the economic potential of tourism faces serious challenges due, primarily, to the discrepancy
between the conditions visitors are increasingly looking for and the conditions provided by Romanian destinations. In
order to accept the challenges with chances of success the tourism policy making should radically change direction.
The authors identify three main priorities: focus on general development, put policy in the service of visitors first,
improve communication and branding.

Cuvinte cheie: Romanian tourism, tourism policy, trade in services, local and regional development; travel & tourism industry, travel & tourism competitiveness index, visitors’ economy