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Approaches to learning process: superficial learning and deep learning at students

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte umaniste + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Frãsineanu Ecaterina Sarah

Editorial: 5th International Conference EDU-WORLD 2012 , Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 76, p.346–, 2013.


The forms of learning are varied, among them we could count superficial and deep learning.
The theme proposed is an extension of our doctoral research concerns in Educational Sciences, concerns regarding learning activity as an activity under a continuous process of restructuring / reconsideration, through the influence of the new postmodern paradigms in education. Based on the comparison of the two forms, we find that each is associated with other forms of learning, which emphasizes polarities in the approach or orientation of the learner in this process.
The paper aims to analyze specific student learning through the solid learning requirement because at such a level of education, the person may realize his full potential for learning.
The higher education has different purposes and requirements comparative to other stages of the education and, therefore students have to adapt to these. The higher education has a different way of organising its contents, the teaching and assessment methods are different or has a different way of applications. All these things influence the way in which students design and realize learning. From the point of psychic development it is considered that at youth, all the psychic process, phenomena and activities can be used at the maximal level. We consider that teacher can guide the students through learning activity in order to understand the way in which learning is made by students, to understand the differences between different students categories (young and adults) or the differences in learning determined by the specificity of the study field.
Thus, it highlights the context of overcoming superficial (surface) learning to reach a deep learning (deep).In time, these types of learning styles crystallize themselves as styles designed according to orientation: to reproduction, resulting in superficial approach to learning; to meaning, leading to a deep approach to learning and acquisition, as learning approach in terms of success.
For this last purpose are identified a number of factors involved in learning, but especially solutions on the actions that students can follow and implement. Finally, it is emphasized the self-generating component of learning: a number of factors involved in learning will influence the quality of learning as a product and the perception of self-efficacy and self-efficiency will influence the student’s desire to learn further.

Cuvinte cheie: academic learning, types of learning, metacognition, self-generating