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Expression of beta-defensin 4 on temporomandibular joint discs with anterior displacement without reduction

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Autori: Sicurezza E, Loreto C, Musumeci G, Almeida LE, Rusu M, Grasso C, Leonardi R

Editorial: J Craniomaxillofac Surg. , 41(8), p.821-5, 2013.



β-defensin-4 is a member of antimicrobial peptides (APs) of the immunity system. This molecule has antimicrobial activity but it seems to be involved in articular inflammatory processes too, as it happens during osteoarthritic disease (OA). Considering the possible relation existing between (OA) and temporomandibular disorders (TMD), the aim of our study was to evaluate immunohistochemically the presence of β- defensin-4 in pathological temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discs affected by internal derangement without reduction (ADDwoR).

Eighteen TMJ-displaced disc specimens were considered in this study and were analysed by immunohistochemical evaluation. They were compared with a control sample of sixteen healthy discs and two scores, intensity of staining (IS) and extent score (ES) were estimated.

Findings of our analysis showed a significant difference between control and study sample (P < 0.001). IS and ES of control sample and pathological sample were 1 and 4 respectively. CONCLUSION: Our results confirmed the presence of β-defensin-4 in human TMJ discs affected by ADDwoR, hypothesing a possible role of this molecule in articular bone disruption.

Cuvinte cheie: TMJ, immunohistochemistry, articular bone disruption